Grown By The Cascades

Born and bred in the heart of the Cascade Mountains. Our passion for skiing and film making stems from our deep love of the mountains and outdoors. 


North Cascade Productions was started in 2010 by Mattias and Micah Evangelista. The company was simply started as a medium to convey our love of the mountains and skiing to the world. and more importantly, because the idea of making ski movies sounded like fun. We knew we liked to ski, and we knew we liked photography and filming, so putting all of them together seemed like a no brainer. 

That first year we would take turns filming each-other around our local hill. Everyday we would put the camera in the backpack, strap the tripod on the back and go shoot...At the time the setup probably weighted as much as Micah. After long days of shooting we would come home and teach ourselves how to use Final Cut so we could put our footage together and share it online. Truly the DIY approach. 

Today we still take turns skiing and filming. the crew may be a little bigger, but the values and passion are the same. If you see us on the hill don't hesitate to say hi and come ski!  


"There's nothing ordinary about the mountains. Nor about those who seek beauty and meaning in them."

"The mountains are calling and we must go."


"My family my friends and my skiing, that's it for me. The joy I get from skiing is worth dying for."